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Toxic Caves / Re: Advertising FOnline Reloaded.
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:47:33 pm »
There's absolutely no point of advertising the server while it's a pile of shit.

Game is awesome. Real fans love it. Summer is also awesome. Summer wins. Happens every year.

Oh there is an overall decline on fonline servers going on, yeah. Just see FO2 statistics, i think it is pretty stable even though there are no significant updates made in the previous year or so.

Core playerbase (so cal jackasses) migrating is surely a good thing, finally you reached your goal and noone is playing your game. It would be great to actually post some of those "real fans" messages where they say that its a great game. Would it be only you and Wichura? Quite convincing.

And what does Corosive do exactly? What is even the whole dev team doing? Pretty much seems like they are doing nothing at all. What about that last update? Was it even applied after the rollback? Not that it would make any difference because there are no real problems fixed or useful features implemented.

Anyways, removing hexing and looting was not the main problem. The real problem was that nothing else had been done in order to make the game playable with this new system. You cant just remove a feature like this and not think about other aspects of the game that it can affect. TBH season 3 changelog is nothing but a broken season 2 with new quests and all the fun removed. And you keep saying that how great the game is and that so many work has been done! WOW!

But wait, what? so the player number being stuck on about 20 since september is caused by the SUMMER that has not even started? Oh then i take back all i've said.

The real question is, why all this bullshit... Henry you ain't foolin anyone, and its clear that the dev team doesn't do shit for years. Just shut down the game and leave space for the rest of the servers, will be better for everyone.

they do not play anymore, as noone else does. try on the other fonline forums

General Game Discussion / Re: Its been a long time....
« on: March 23, 2018, 09:16:29 pm »
Don't worry about a thing, make any build you like and it won't make much difference, all danger and risk has as been nerfed out of existence.Probably nobody will try to kill you, unfortunately. Welcome to the politically correct, health and safety concious jungle that is Reloaded Session 3.
But that's exactly how a distopian, post-apocalyptic world looks like thats contaminated by radiation and evil mutants and/or government trying to take over. How could you!

News and Announcements / Re: 3rd Session Info
« on: March 16, 2018, 03:25:41 pm »
Oh, you are still chewing the same smelly old rag?

number says it all
Last time I've checked there was absolute zero fucks given about numbers. Unless I've missed some official info anywhere that states opposite?

Sure, we all know that online games are meant to be played alone. It's totally OK to not meet anyone in the wastes. According to Corosive, all the life is on Discord and not on the forums, and now it seems it neither is in game.

All my friends love this game, love all the changes since this new season began, love to see jackasses leave, love it love it love it. Now more than ever, this game is the best. Quests! Locations! Features! And now we can enjoy them more because aforementioned jackasses have mostly left. Finally! Finally, the game got way way better. Thank you, devs!
You seem to have very few friends then.
But worry not, the 80-90% of playerbase leaving is totally the sign of your good work.

"B-But we can advertise the server and we get 400+ people easily as we did before !!!1!11!!1!"

At the start of the current session 200+ people already knew about the wipe and have seen the changelog, still only 20-30 stayed. You managed to turn an already unsuccessful game into a total failure and you are trying to convince everyone that it's totally okay. Delusion at its finest.

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: February 25, 2018, 02:24:14 pm »
I bet you guys haven't even played 75% of the new content either.
Many of the players wasn't playing for the PVE side of the game. And whats the point of playing a multiplayer game if you don't meet anyone in the wastes? Because now you clearly won't.

I love fact that you still haven't given any good reason why hexing and loot were removed. It seems like all this is just a massive trolling.
Me and the people i played this session with have checked the new content, and tbh many of the quests are just dont feel falloutish at all. I don't get the telltales either. Thousand-year old bugs and abuses are still not fixed, suggestions and feedback aren't welcome, and other than you adding some new quests nothing significant happened (except killing PVP as a whole).

Now that full loot and hexing is gone, people expected at least some kind of rebalance regarding pvp activities, dungeons and their loot, etc, but of course nothing happened. The current session which cannot even be called a beta did not match the expectations of 3 years of "development" that is claimed to be done.

TL;DR you guys arent good devs and managed to fuck up everything, yet you think you did an amazing job and its all the players' fault. Looking forward to your response with the keywords "cry", "hater", "pvp ape", etc. Im out.

« on: February 19, 2018, 01:10:23 pm »
Just wait for Aftertimes

Closed suggestions / Re: Personal Suitcase
« on: February 04, 2018, 07:27:52 pm »
FOnline always constisted of these two groups of people, i see no point in denying this, but i also don't see a point in building a server that is based around only one group, out of a game that was going in a different direction not so long ago. It seems that the PVP population was always larger than the ones that are coming to roleplay in a fallout-like environment, despite of those so called "statistics" made a few years ago. PVP players kept playing the game because they liked PVP. Those who did not like it have quit as early as they realized there is little to no actual PVE content in the game. With season 3 they added *some* PVE content but in the same time ruined the whole gameplay for people who played mostly for pvp.

It must make a good first impression for a newcomer that even Hub is empty and they probably wont meet anyone in the wastes either.

your story in a nutshell (no offence)

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: January 31, 2018, 02:49:42 pm »
If you take a look at the Initial changelog (of season 1) you can see that a huge amount of work has been done in a relatively short timespan and also tons of changelogs in the upcoming year. Then the wipe was "announced" less than a year after the start - followed by years without any significant updates. I am sure that this was the point when the development has overall stopped and the dev team started giving 0 fucks, otherwise we would have a great game by now.

While i don't see a problem with that, i do not understand the decision of running the game for almost 4 more years after the interest in development has declined. Kilgore is right, noone is forced to play the game, and it's free, they dont owe the players anything, blah blah, but the game was already very popular and if you typed "FOnline" in Google, the first thing that came up was always Reloaded. They have made a popular game with great potential and they decided to stop working on it.

But that's okay, perhaps they got busy in life or just became bored with devving, there is nothing wrong about that. Then the most reasonable and obvious decision would have been to give the leadership to another dev team (and as far as i have heard there were some volunteers for that) and let them take the legacy, and even though the source code has been released, another project just simply could not compete with the fame the Reloaded "trademark" has. So instead we got years of silence and a wipe, for which people asked because of the unbalanced pre-wipe-smelling updates during the first session, and which brought some balance and new client features, but nothing revolutionary. Hence the nickname "session 1.5".

I am pretty sure that the current Season 3 is nowhere close to what the dev team has initially planned, instead it is just a half-complete, bugged emergency bone that is thrown into the crowd to chew on and shut them up. Also the "i am devving for fun sometimes at weekends but that's all" attitude does not fit a game with this large popularity (not the player numbers, but the registered forum users and overall gamers ever found this game).

There's no doubt that the core playerbase (so-cal PVP apes) of Reloaded is above-average cancerous (Khans coming here was just fuel to the fire), and i can understand the fact that Kilgore has lost motivation to do anything for these people. You are right, you owe us nothing, but i don't think it would've been so much of an effort to say "Hey, fuck you's all, we arent developing the game anymore, there wont be a real wipe and y'all can fuck off finally". Other than that, they are the majority, if we dont count the newcomers who leave after 2 days of playing because of disappointment/getting bored to death, or the 20 players that play on a regular basis today (bots?).

I love the fact that there are still many bugs and exploits that are thousand years old and would take few minutes to fix. The attempts to balance the server usually ended up with half-solutions such as removing reno locker instead of rebalancing its loot, or removing hexing "because of hex bots" which are said to be "easy to detect" and therefore easy to make an anticheat script against, or removing full loot to avoid new players being made RQ too early - instead of making a proper noob protection system. Just to mention a more recent case, Telltales got nerfed so much that they are not worth to do at all.

Other than all of that, to quote someone who wrote in this thread earlier, if a casual Fallout fan wants to have real PVE experience, they will go and play the original Fallout 1/2. PVE in FOnline should mean quests and group tasks that require player (versus player) interaction to complete to take advantage of the fact that its a multiplayer game. PVE should'nt be about loners doing quests by themselves. Of course the game requires this kind of content too, but NOT at the cost of removing the two core aspects of PVP gameplay and basically ruining the whole thing. And again, there are little to no updates since the wipe so people are fed up reasonably. I think Reloaded still has the largest potential among all FOnlines, but the development has took a wrong way and it would be a pity if the game died this way.

The best thing about reloaded was the fact that you could get stuff easily and then just go and PVP, except there were a relatively small amount of places where you could find players to kill. FO2 has already implemented many good ideas regarding balance and PVP opportunities, but the game is an autistic grindfest and if you are not a hardcore masochist you wouldn't enjoy your stay there. All that Reloaded needed was more dungeons/random events, balanced loot, nerf to bottable stuff, nerf to grenade launcher, and a more balanced economy. This alone could've made it the greatest server and after this you could have thought about the next steps of development.

FOnline has been around for almost a decade and still noone could make a decent game with more than 200 players, and it's not the graphics or the age of the game to blame. It's probably better to let Reloaded and the rest fade away and look for other games, at least the internet can forget about one of its most cancer smelling places which is this community including the devs.

River of Tears / Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:13:27 pm »
"big papi" this game is for 18+ people so please

get it once and for all - this game is free. There are no clients, no purchases, no hiring and no contracts. If you're failing to realise that, then gtfo this board and better not show anywhere on internet, or anywhere else, for that matter, because all you're gonna do is cause permanent brain damage for normal people.

River of Tears / Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« on: October 19, 2017, 04:37:35 pm »
You want Reloaded to stay as it now, because you know that all the players are going to quit
Bravo thinktank! Ya know, the rapid decline in player numbers may be all the pvp gods quitting and then leaving the fresh players who are not completely braindead as u r. So, basically, nothing wrong with the numbers ))

you are like a kid crying for candy

P.S Yes actally, it would be better for everyone if you all went to fo2!

River of Tears / Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« on: October 17, 2017, 02:16:37 pm »
U r literally narrow minded. Good rp there fam

game is ded for other reasons than loot and hexing
I dont like pointless ninja nerfs without notify
and yah i think that supposedly adult people crying over this game is pretty much cringe
just see 6 pages in 2 days

River of Tears / Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:51:21 pm »
Cringe video with cringe comments
i heard you already moved to other server so why bother ??  And made ur own server too

P.s i wonder if u would have any motivation left to write a single line in a script if u were a fonline dev,  while the community is filled with toxic crybabies like TKS and rest pvp masters who cant get a beter thing 2 do in their life than spam a dead games forum and ruin it even more

Suggestions / Re: Reduce the floats
« on: October 09, 2017, 12:31:35 pm »
They are rather problematic in Combat.
Just do not implement that ugly solution from FO2

Closed bugs / Re: [Encounter] Broc flowers respawn over scenery
« on: October 05, 2017, 05:02:08 pm »
thanks seki u can go now

Suggestions / Re: Some thoughts
« on: September 29, 2017, 03:35:15 pm »
the mutants exp and item condition already got ninja nerfed a few weeks ago so leave my mutton quest alone

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