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Title: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on February 01, 2022, 01:21:22 pm
Hi, wastelanders :)

Here's a character planner I've been developing for some time: (

IMPORTANT: There is newer version being developed on a different domain - (
It provides Character Library (save/load builds) as well as a way to generate a link for any saved character build.
Please, be aware that this feature is still in development and it may contain bugs and errors.
Once this version is polished enough it will become the main planner and this post will be updated.

Open spoiler to see some images
Spoiler: show


  FO:R Character Planner is a simple web application which allows you to plan your Fonline Reloaded character build. It's a static app and it can be used offline.



How to use
  Online - You can use the tool online – just open the link above (

  Offline - You can also use it offline - just install the planner and use it like a native app. Works both on desktop and mobile. Here's how to do this:


Huge thanks to Henry, Medics, POWERPUFF and all other nice people who helped me a lot along the way!

So, that's it. I hope you enjoy the planner.
Once again, I would really appreciate any feedback/suggestions/bug reports/etc. you might have. Please, post in this thread, PM me or find me on Reloaded Discord - Arronax#9276
Title: Re: FOnline Reloaded Character Planner S4
Post by: Kilgore on February 01, 2022, 02:10:33 pm
Looks awesome, thanks for this.
Title: version 1.2 update
Post by: Arronax on February 02, 2022, 11:34:06 am
Updated to v1.2
Title: version 1.3 update
Post by: Arronax on February 25, 2022, 02:16:29 pm
Updated to v1.3
Title: Version 1.4 update
Post by: Arronax on June 18, 2022, 04:55:58 pm
Updated to v1.4

A note about the Mystery Boosts.
Most of them are confirmed to be working and are available while few may be outdated.
However, their requirements (as presented on the planner) may be inaccurate (not on purpose). Surely enough, some of their requirements are omitted (that's on purpose).
Any feedback on the validity/requirements of the mystery boosts will be greatly appreciated.

Also, Sight Range might not work on your current save - you'll need to reset the build.
Weapon Range stat will be implemented once Weapon slots are also done.
Title: Re: FOnline Reloaded Character Planner S4
Post by: Ermac on August 25, 2022, 02:49:54 pm
Wonderful & Lovely, such an pretty eye-candy 3rd party software!
Title: Re: FOnline Reloaded Character Planner S4
Post by: Arronax on September 18, 2022, 03:44:21 pm
Thanks, Ermac!
I'm glad you like it:)
Title: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on October 28, 2022, 01:15:06 pm
A new major version of the planner is on the way. I uploaded it on a different domain: (
One of the new features is the Library - you can now save your builds. Check the Control Panel.

Another feature - you can now generate a link of the build and share it as any other link.
Example (working) link: (

To do so - click the share icon on a saved character in the Library. The link will be copied in your clipboard.

I also want to add Presets tab in the Library which will contain predefined builds (like in the wiki) and I would love it if you guys help me with that.
It's easy - just create the build you would like to be included in the Presets, save it (preferably filling out most of the form) and copy it from the copy button, located to the right of the share button.
A string of text will be copied in your clipboard and you just have to send it to me - here as a private message or DM me in Discord.

Also, feel free to give any ideas and suggestions about these features - there is a lot of room for improvement. Thanks.

Please, be warned that this is still 'work in progress', so there might be more bugs than expected 😄
Until this new version is polished both planners will remain active. Once all is ready (which is soon) only this domain will remain active.
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Henry on October 31, 2022, 09:09:29 pm
It's fantastic. It's heroic work, Arronax, you've done it again! I'll gladly be working on this.

Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 01, 2022, 10:44:33 pm
Hey, Henry :)
Thanks for the kind words, the preset builds and the feedback!
I'm currently abroad but I'll be back in a few days and I'll add the builds you posted right away.
About the name space - I agree, more space is better. I'll move the share buttons elsewhere to free up more space for the name, class and role.

I'm also thinking about adding a wiki article about the planner (it's getting more and more complex so a brief manual might be helpful) and I would love to get your input on that.

I'll message you here or I'll try to find you in game when I have something.
See you soon and thanks again.
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Henry on November 03, 2022, 12:02:12 am
A wiki page for a planner this good sounds good. I can help with that too.

Back when i was working on my offline planner, i included a way to save both builds and characters. They both had a name field. A character named "Punchy" might use a build named "Melee Specialist v1". When i loaded any character that was based on a saved build, the build would show in a field called "Based on the _____ build". If the character was, however, built freestyle and not on a saved build, tat field would default to "Original". The saved characters allowed the user to keep a record of various things specific to that character's performance/experience. Like i might save links to screencap images, and a log of PvP events, what factions he's been in and when he joined/left them, general notes, etc.

When i started a "New Character", i could click a saved build and BAM! that build's data would instantly auto-populate that character's stats. Name him, make a few edits and save.

But a new build might also be based on a prior build, so in each build i included the same field as above, named "Based on the _____ build". If it's truly new, again it would just default to "Original". That idea morphed into the concept of a Build Tree, which i imagined might be a graphic that looks a lot like a family tree illustration, with base builds at the bottom, and how they branch into subsequent builds.

Oh if i only had time for this...
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 04, 2022, 02:23:07 pm
I had the same initial idea :)
The root of the tree is the initial build (SPECIAL, Skills and possibly Traits) and everything that is applied to it is a variation (or a leaf node) and those can be forked easily into sub-variations.
But I decided to go as simple as possible for now. Although I already coded some things in such a way that it would be easier to develop a tree structure for the builds in the future. :D
Thanks for sharing this idea :)
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 04, 2022, 02:25:21 pm
Hi guys was just updated again!

What else is new:
  - helmet, armor and drugs used are now encoded in the link as well
  - Saved tab added in Library - contains your saved builds
  - Presets tab added in Library - contains predefined builds (thanks, @Henry)
  - improved character panel in Library
  - fixed Trait bug (thanks POWERPUFF)
  - fixed PartyPoints bug (thanks ElSlayer)
  - fixed some loading bugs
Whats next:
  - more improvements and fixes on Library functionality
  - 'Become a Mutie' boost

as usual, any feedback is appreciated 🙂
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 08, 2022, 03:49:38 pm
The planner at ( was just updated.
There's nothing major - just several bug fixes.

I also added three presets in the Library, provided by Powerpuff (thanks).
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Henry on November 09, 2022, 12:22:23 am
Here's another one, meant as a team leader to get 4 human companion NPC followers:

{"buildString":"51a44a527fac","levelString":"9he8.7b4231373i3d3g3e50-22k63506972737c-22k506e-22a506r-22a50-2256b-2fk50-6147l-2fn7m7n506u-2iu506s7e-2ii56-2ic-2eu7g7h7f5a-2ef-2ct7i74_2a275a_2a1e-2875a_282i-2265a-2247t-27u5a-2fx5a-2fk5a-2fj-277#8undefined#82","level":100,"HP":262,"avatar":"CombatArmor","name":"Pyromaniac Captain","class":"Flame-Burst Team Leader","role":"Squad Combat","author":"Henry","notes":"Team Leader build, uses Incinerators +Pyro perk for big fire dmg, leads 4 NPC human Companion followers @Level 100, but gets these @Level 70: 3 NPC human companions, max Lockpick, glide over locker traps, max First Aid, Repair your own gear, fast map travel, Doc 100, multiple crafting professions. Tough and gets +7 bonus Hit Points via \"Mystery Boosts\". Give LSWs to your followers and have them run combat support from a distance."}

I hope this format is what you wanted. I have been using the JSON bottun.
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 15, 2022, 08:05:20 pm
Hey, Henry.
Yes, that format is exactly what I need.
Thanks for the preset - added.

There was a bug I noticed with the preset though - Hub Chef Mystery Boost was broken in the level string (you can see 'undefined' at the end) which was a problem with the planner, which I fixed.

So, update on (

There might be a problem with saved builds that have Hub Chef tagged - in the best case those builds will load with Hub Chef un-tagged so you will have to take it again and update your save. If loading such a build breaks your planner - please, send me a message with a few words about what happened.  Thanks.

More updates coming soon.
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 16, 2022, 01:30:45 pm
Update on (
  - added Become a Mutant in Mystery Boosts

It is now possible to become a mutant in the planner.
The requirement for the quest of 5 INT is reachable with drugs and armor buffs so until I implement item bonuses (besides the charisma boost) the requirement in the planner will be lowered to 4 INT.

The Become a Mutant boost won't show in your current build in the planner and refreshing won't help either. In order to see it you need to either (save and) reload your character or create a new one.
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 22, 2022, 07:49:48 pm
Hi, guys!
Update on (
Title: Re: Character Planner Season 4
Post by: Arronax on November 23, 2022, 01:49:45 pm
Minor update on (
  - fixed Spectacles' PE bonus (thanks Shep & POWERPUFF )
  - added warnings to two of the PAs that are not implemented in the game
  - fixed several gear bugs