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Sell / Re: WTS
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Items reserved for you.
Sell / Re: WTS
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- 39 adv/uniq combat armors - 200k

I'll take of condition is acceptable.
Faction Announcements / Re: The Forged - Recruitment & Info
« Last post by Hauti on Yesterday at 11:52:27 PM »
PVE Faction?  ::)
Sell / Re: WTS
« Last post by General Devon Oliver on Yesterday at 11:47:18 PM »
I buy GMP
Auctions / Re: WTA 50 ADV/UNIQUE LSW.
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Auctions / Re: WTA Turbo Plasma Rifle
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Sell / Re: WTS
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Faction Announcements / Re: The Forged - Recruitment & Info
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Looks interesting!
Faction Announcements / Re: The Judgement Day Club ->Wir suchen dich!<-
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Faction Announcements / The Forged - Recruitment & Info
« Last post by Dreviosus on Yesterday at 09:19:56 PM »
The Forged are a brotherhood. Based around Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave ideals, our primary goal is the collection of high-level technology, and the eradication of unworthy scum from the face of the Wasteland. We have a military structure, and carry out our goal in a military-like manner.
Betrayal of any kind will not be tolerated. We have a strict chain of command, and superior ranking officers have no time for those who like to disobey orders.

Our Chain of Command is as follows:

Elder - The "General" of the forces of The Forged. The Elder gives orders to the Head Paladin, Knight Commander, or Head Scribe - And they relay the order and carry it out with those whom are under their command.

Sentinel - is the highest Honor to be achieved in The Forged. But unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, the Sentinel serves the Elder as a second-in-command. Or personal guard. Sentinels can also take the place of an Elder, should that Elder resign, or break The Chain That Binds.

The Head Paladin - is responsible for dealing with the Paladins in the same way the Knight Commander does, but the Head Paladin chooses which Paladins should lead each knight squad and which areas may prove to be suitable HQ's. The Head Paladin holds meetings with the Elder, Head Scribe, Knight Commander, and Sentinel. Both the Knight Commander and Head Paladin report to the Elder and Sentinel, no one else. The Head Paladin and Knight Commander don't tend to go out into the field of battle, although they may in critical circumstances. When they do enter a battle it is almost certain that they will have a large squad protecting them and will very rarely be seen on the front line, they normally sit back with the Elder and Sentinel and help plan strategic maneuvers.

Paladins - are likened to the Scribes of The Forged as being on the same level, but with a different purpose. They are the protectors of The Forged, fighting and protecting its interests across the wasteland, Paladins are also often given command over a squad.

Knight Commanders - are also often given command over a squad of lower ranking Knights, or Aspirants. Knight Commands are also in charge of allocating missions for Knights. Both Paladins, and Knight Commanders can have Aspirants put under their command to go through training to become a superior ranking officer within The Forged. Or to become a Knight, or Scribe.

Knight Captains - are chosen from only the best and most worthy of Knights by the Knight Commander. They often hold staff-like jobs within The Forged. They are also charged with training  Initiates in the field, and select from the most worthy of Initiates those who deserve a promotion to Squire.

Knights - are responsible for manufacturing and repairing the weapons and other pieces of technology. After many years of service and experience, the best and most worthy Knights are promoted to Paladins by the Elder. Knights also act as basic field units, often put under the command of Knight Commanders, and Paladins.

The rank of Aspirant - denotes an Initiate who has entered training under a superior officer - such as a Paladin or Knight Commander - in order to be promoted to a full-fledged Knight, or Scribe.

The Squire - is simply a rank above Initiate, and shows an Initiate who is making progress in the field, and is gaining the trust of his or her fellow Forged.

The Initiate - is the lowest rank of The Forged, generally held by new recruits in training, or those who have not yet proven their loyalty and worth.

The Head Scribe - is the highest ranking civilian class of The Forged. The Head Scribe is responsible for choosing which Scribes work on which project and which scribes should be assigned to each order.
The Head Scribe reports only to the Elder, and Sentinel.

Scribes - are tasked with creating and keeping records of the technology, weapons, and armor used by The Forged. The majority of Scribes focus their studies and work on subjects related to the acquisition, repair, or creation of technology.
The Orders of The Forged:

The Order of The Blade  - The Order of Scribes and Knights that researches, collects, repairs, creates, and destroys all kinds of weaponry.
The Order of The Shield - The Order of Scribes and Knights that researches, collects, repairs, creates, and destroys all kinds of armor.
The Order of The Cross - The Order of Scribes and Knights that researches, collects, repairs, creates, and practices all fields of medicine.
The Order of The Crow - The Order of Scribes and Knights that are charged with going out into the wastes and gathering resources for the other Orders of The Forged.

The Forged are not an army of murderers, but we will not hesitate to eliminate those who are a threat to us. Or those who deliberately stand in the way of our goal.
Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, I take the Chain That Binds quite seriously. If anyone is caught disobeying a superior ranking officer, they will be stripped of their rank, or expelled from The Forged.
If you require more information, send a PM to me, or Knight Commander Murder-Inc. PM us regardless of wanting more information if you'd like to join The Forged. (Discord: Ellie Fyre#8109)(Murder-Inc#2793)

We are The Forged! We are strong, together. Forged from the fires of Honor, and the despise for the unworthy liars and scum of the wastes.

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