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The Thunderdome / Re: Wipe?
« on: March 21, 2017, 11:45:58 PM »
Stop spreading rumors.

When wipe is soon, we'll post an announcement.

The Thunderdome / Re: Banhammer strikes
« on: March 21, 2017, 07:52:04 PM »
Characters: Jayden Yuki, The-Sci-Fi, Burning AA
Reason: fastrelog in PvP
Ban duration: permanent
Additional notes: -

News and Announcements / Re: Game rules & FAQ
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:31:28 PM »
Game rules updated.

Make sure you read them because some changes are significant.

River of Tears / Re: "The Departure of Gimper"
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:40:16 AM »
The amount of bullshit here strikes me a lot but well, it's Khans posting their alternative reality in which they live in, as always.

First thing to remember: no matter how much you donate, you are not allowed to break game and forum rules, and you will be banned if you do.
It is quite funny because Khans many times whined and complained about me "helping" those who donate, and that I'm bribed, and some other bullshit.

Gargantua and Mengelito - banned at least several times, short bans, long bans, yet when they are unbanned they start shitposting all over the forum again. Sorry guys, this time I'll make sure you don't get unbanned, because I've made that mistake at least few times.

To those who have any doubts about Gimper deleting Seki's char in order to profit from it (and telling him that it was "stolen" because someone "guessed" password, then he even helped Seki to move his stuff from "compromised" base)

9:12 PM] Gimper: Kilgore
[9:12 PM] Gimper: We have a problem
[9:15 PM] Gimper: So, Seki made some bad mistake and he quit my faction. He moved to Khans, and baseraped AA members in the process, to give to khans as a peaec offereing. They took all items and then banned Seki also, so he was left in the dust alone. So he decided to quit reloaded, and he gave me Seki. character to look after. So I logged on it today and was standing in his base and I see message "Knock knock, anyone there?" And then I was kicked from the server. I tried to log in 30 seconds later and I couldn't.
[9:16 PM] Gimper: At first, I though Seki changed his mind and took the account back and changed his password but then I asked him on facebook, and he said he wasnt even online. So someone stole the account from us. About 20 minutes ago, Seki registered this character name "Seki." so this means someone rerolled it.
[9:17 PM] Gimper: We were hoping you could recover it for us and possibly IP ban the thief who stole it?
[9:17 PM] Gimper: We can give anymore info you need, just ask.

[11:06 PM] Kilgore: which chars were stolen? besides Seki.
[11:34 PM] Gimper: It was only Seki afaik
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: but he used it for the last time during last night
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: and since then, only your IP used it
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: so it looks to me that you deleted it
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: or your sister
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: or your dog
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: no idea
[11:35 PM] Kilgore: but someone from your IP
[11:35 PM] Gimper: Well we didn't
[11:36 PM] Gimper: My sister never used this character
[11:36 PM] Kilgore: also, "knock knock" message does NOT kick you from the server
[11:36 PM] Gimper: It didnt kick me, i was kicked few seconds after
[11:36 PM] Gimper: I got dc'd like when someone tries to connect

[11:36 PM] Kilgore: but nobody else logged in. it would be in logs.
[11:36 PM] Kilgore: and only your IP appears in logs
[11:37 PM] Gimper: You told he used proxy
[11:37 PM] Kilgore: I was wrong
[11:37 PM] Kilgore: I checked IP with your IP on forum and it's yours IP.
[11:37 PM] Gimper: Well idk how, but I didn't delete this char and my sister never used this char ever.
[11:38 PM] Kilgore: where was this character standing for the last time?
[11:38 PM] Gimper: I logged out last inside his base
[11:38 PM] Gimper: Tent*
[11:39 PM] Kilgore: was it empty?
[11:39 PM] Gimper: no everything was there.
[11:39 PM] Gimper: But later, He logged onto his alt, and me on Gimper, and we moved all his things to trunk of car and he moved to wm so they couldnt baserape
[11:41 PM] Gimper: Is there some way you can check Unique ID?
[11:42 PM] Gimper: It FO2, they can check UID which can only be changed by re-installing windows
[11:43 PM] Gimper: Now you make Seki think I stole his shit...
[11:43 PM] Gimper: Same thing I told him, I value friendship over some stupid pixels
[11:43 PM] Kilgore: I'm only saying what I read in logs
[11:43 PM] Gimper: I havent even playing reloaded for a week now, just returned from a long break idgaf about stupid character
[11:44 PM] Gimper: I didnt take shit and I will do anything you want for me to prove it
[11:44 PM] Kilgore: well I don't give a fuck about characters also, until someone messages me about them
[11:44 PM] Kilgore: I know you didnt take shit
[11:44 PM] Gimper: So what do you want me to do
[11:44 PM] Kilgore: but the character was deleted*(edited)
[11:44 PM] Kilgore: and your IP was the last that was using it
[11:45 PM] Gimper: On statistics, it shows Seki with all achievements still, how is it deleted?
[11:47 PM] Kilgore: did you use FOnlineGL.exe character at any time?
[11:49 PM] Gimper: Ah yes I did
[11:49 PM] Gimper: I share it with 4 people
[11:49 PM] Kilgore: also, I think there was the same thing in the past with somebody else and deleted char
[11:49 PM] Kilgore: and you
[11:49 PM] Gimper: I know it...
[11:49 PM] Gimper: I remember
[11:49 PM] Gimper: When Jish char
[11:49 PM] Kilgore: yep
[11:49 PM] Gimper: But we also found out it wasnt me
[11:49 PM] Kilgore: it also disappeared out of sudden and nobody could explain it
[11:49 PM] Gimper: And later Jish found out dera did it
[11:50 PM] Gimper: It wasnt me
[11:50 PM] Kilgore: so who deleted seki's char today? :wink:
[11:50 PM] Gimper: But yes, I use FOnlinegl.exe sometimes
[11:50 PM] Kilgore: yeah, I can see that in logs
[11:50 PM] Gimper: Can you see if it was deleted or rerolled?
[11:50 PM] Gimper: Or for sure deleted
[11:50 PM] Kilgore: nope
[11:51 PM] Gimper: Can you see if there is a high level book somewhere?
[11:51 PM] Kilgore: but for sure nobody recreated the char with high lvl
[11:51 PM] Kilgore: and I even doubt it was stolen
[11:51 PM] Kilgore: because the base/tent would be baseraped
[11:51 PM] Kilgore: or at least scouted
[11:51 PM] Gimper: So you think it was just delete?
[11:51 PM] Gimper: And you thinkg I did it?

[11:52 PM] Kilgore: I don't know who did it
[11:52 PM] Kilgore: for sure someone from your IP
[11:52 PM] Gimper: The only people from my IP playing is myself and my sister
[11:53 PM] Gimper: And she uses character EveofEden, nothing else
[11:53 PM] Gimper: And my only character is Gimper
[11:53 PM] Gimper: and some slave alts
[11:53 PM] Gimper: gimpslave1-gimpslave5
[11:54 PM] Gimper: Do you need some kind of info from me? I can send whatever
[11:54 PM] Kilgore: it looks like your sister was playing at the same time it was deleted
[11:54 PM] Kilgore: and relogging
[11:54 PM] Kilgore: so maybe ask her about it
[11:54 PM] Gimper: My sister relogging? She has only one char
[11:55 PM] Kilgore: she could relog to seki delete it and relog back to her char
[11:55 PM] Gimper: Tell me, how in hell can she know his login and password
[11:55 PM] Gimper: I never shared this with ANYONE
[11:55 PM] Kilgore: I don't know
[11:55 PM] Gimper: She didnt do it, i can guarentee 100%
[11:55 PM] Kilgore: but someone did
[11:56 PM] Gimper: obviously
[11:56 PM] Gimper: So cant you just get it to him back?
[11:56 PM] Gimper: Search item ID's for high level book
[11:57 PM] Kilgore: nope
[11:57 PM] Gimper: How not?
[11:57 PM] Kilgore: i'm not going to waste time on writing new scripts just to look for some shitty book
[11:57 PM] Gimper: There isnt command or log for items?
[11:57 PM] Kilgore: i've already wasted like 2 hours of my life for investigation
[11:57 PM] Gimper: So what can we do then
[11:57 PM] Kilgore: there are two facts:
[11:57 PM] Kilgore: 1. character was deleted
[11:57 PM] Kilgore: 2. it was last used from your IP
[11:58 PM] Gimper: Ok so what from here
[11:58 PM] Kilgore: miracles don't happen
[11:58 PM] Kilgore: nothing
[11:58 PM] Gimper: So we cant get this char back?
[1:00 AM] Kilgore: hey I wasted another hour on investigation
[1:00 AM] Kilgore: and I'm 100% that it was you who deleted this char
[1:00 AM] Kilgore: I can recreate the whole story if you have short memory Gimper, but this shit is bannable
[1:01 AM] Kilgore: so think about it and think about how to fix it
[1:03 AM] Kilgore: logs don't lie, you logged in to his character, took the vertibird to get it out of there, changed password, then deleted the character, then helped him move the stuff out of safehouse

[1:04 AM] Kilgore: don't try to deny it because I took some time to search logs for your activity and also took data from seki about timing which only confirms it
[1:04 AM] Kilgore: and only you and seki were using his char during last 24 hours

here the conversation ends (it was on 8th march). as you can see above, I told Gimper to fix this up. however he ignored it and acted like nothing happened.
the next conversation is on 13th march - do not be confused by the time of messages. if you have any doubts, here's screenshot from discord:

[1:04 AM] Gimper: I dont know what I can say...
[1:04 AM] Gimper: Only Ididnt do it.
[1:04 AM] Gimper: Idk man, do what you have to do I guess...
[1:05 AM] Gimper: So Im banned forever from playing reloaded, over something I didn't even do.
[1:05 AM] Kilgore: don't be silly
[1:05 AM] Kilgore: I told you to fix this shit up
[1:05 AM] Kilgore: you ignored it
[1:05 AM] Gimper: what do you mean?
[1:05 AM] Gimper: Fix what up
[1:05 AM] Kilgore: you know well that you deleted this char and sold it for bucks to cannon
[1:06 AM] Gimper: Bull fucking shit
[1:06 AM] Kilgore: you deleted also jish's char long ago, probably also for profit
[1:06 AM] Gimper: I cant belive this shit...
[1:06 AM] Gimper: I did not
[1:06 AM] Kilgore: I hope it was worth it
[1:06 AM] Gimper: Iwould not
[1:06 AM] Gimper: Dude why are you so stubborn?
[1:06 AM] Gimper: How can you say it was me
[1:06 AM] Gimper: can you show me some kind of evidence for your claims?
[1:06 AM] Kilgore: logs, man
[1:06 AM] Gimper: Seki himself probably did it
[1:06 AM] Gimper: Show me logs?
[1:07 AM] Gimper: Let me read these logs
[1:07 AM] Kilgore: well I'm not going to show you logs, because you know well what you did
[1:07 AM] Gimper: I know well i didnt do shit
[1:07 AM] Kilgore: and I'm not going to waste my time with you here

vs this from Gimper's post above:

Gimper here. I'll repeat what I said on discord earlier. I never "stole" or "sold" Seki's character. The truth of the matter is, he gave me his character fair and square. He GAVE it to me. So what do I do? I roll it into a book and give it away to a khan. (Not Cannon, IDK where Kilgore got this idea??) Again, I didn't sell a stolen book. I GAVE AWAY FOR FREE a book which was GIVIN TO ME FOR FREE. No money was involved and no Stealing was involved.

Btw one thing about server logs:
Server logs are for me and not for players. I always ask for some explanation from players and use server logs to confirm them (or deny them). I'm not going to post any logs  because it's pointless - you could easily say that they are "made up" if you found them uncomfortable.
As I said many times (and at least several times directly to Khans): if you really believe that we as server administration don't act fair, that we help some factions or something like that - PLEASE play a different game. It will be better for everyone.

Also, I'm quite patient but this is where my patience ends. No faction in Reloaded history caused even 25% of problems caused by Khans.
- forum shitposting, starting flame all over the place, spamming it with countless junk threads,
- same on discord, suddenly when I banned few khans who always started flame there, there is hardly any problem with discord,
- registering forum alts via VPN and other crap in order to spam forum even more when they get banned, I've deleted more than 50 accounts by now and who knows how many posts, including insults and some extreme content,
- then spamming me with "please kilgore we dindonuffin we are good khans please unban and we everything will be ok",
- breaking various game rules -> see banhammer log,
- insulting me personally on every possible occasion in game and forum, then crying when they get banned ("it's because AA/UV/whateverfaction told you"),
- insulting any enemy in game, on forum, real-life stuff involved which was quite disturbing,
- not to mention trolling countless new players to make them ragequit just because they can.

This is happening since at least a year.  This somehow coincides with the time that Bison left the faction, though I had some problems with Gargantua before - see topic here. After Bison left the faction, things went downhill. Maybe Gargantua and Mengelito aren't that much of faction leaders. It's funny when Mengelito writes some bullshit about me being blackmailed, as he is known for such disturbing activity himself. I helped many players with password resets, renames or character recovery - including Khans. It's kinda strange when people ask for password or character recovery, I do that for them, and few weeks or months later, the same people complain when I'm resetting password or recovering charakter for Seki. But it's a big story made up by Khans that I favor Seki or other factions. Maybe they think that a lie repeated 100 times becomes the truth.. well maybe in their alternative reality. Remember when they whined all over the place that I help AA faction? ;-)

I know that some Khans made a lot of donations to support the server, but it doesn't entitle you to do any of this.
You were warned many times but same shit happens all the time, so I guess banhammer will be at work.
If it doesn't stop, you will be only struck harder. Countermeasures will be increased until you decide to follow game and forum rules, or you will be made quit.

Consider it as a final warning.

Off-topic discussions / Re: New Weapons | FOnline: Forever
« on: March 15, 2017, 07:50:05 AM »
btw this part:

"Hey thanks for boosting my server Khans. All your members donate to the server even if I refuse to add Supporter to their names so no one knows."

This is fucking disgusting, every single guy who donated and messaged me to confirm it has Supported status. The amount of bullshit in that post exceeds all limits of absurdity.

Suggestions / Re: Gecko Map Fix
« on: March 15, 2017, 07:38:36 AM »
Nice work, but your version still doesn't have rectangular scrollblockers, so it doesn't solve the problem as you wrote.
We have a reworked Gecko map for new season. I believe it's Urukhai's version, but I don't remember exactly.

The entrance is good, so perhaps we can use it in the future in some different location with Poseidon Oil facility.
Thanks for sharing.

Off-topic discussions / Re: New Weapons | FOnline: Forever
« on: March 14, 2017, 07:01:29 PM »
^ yeah same as always, dindoonuffin, kilgore bans innocent people

You should learn some day that donations don't make you ban-proof. If you break game rules, you'll get banned.
If you break forum rules, you'll get banned. And you actually did so see you after ban.

Can't wait to see another PM from Khans saying "hey kilgore you ban us for nothing we are good khans please do not ban".

"Never a thank you btw," this is also funny, you should check donations topic sometimes because you must be living in some kind of alternative reality.

The Thunderdome / Re: Banhammer strikes
« on: March 12, 2017, 10:47:54 PM »
Characters: Gimper, TKs-Cannon, MrMoney, ApeRape, CaptainHue
Reason: stealing / trading a stolen character
Ban duration: permanent
Additional notes: the character has been stolen from it's owner and traded for $$$. Traders were banned and the character will be given back to it's owner. While trading in-game stuff for real money isn't prohibited (at least for now), doing so with stolen characters is. I'm not going to tolerate such crap in this community, if you want to scam people for profit, then you should look for another game, because you will be banned here on sight.

News and Announcements / Re: FOnline: Battleground
« on: March 04, 2017, 09:27:08 AM »
It wouldn't work well in Hinkley because of size. Battleground has fov disabled so a larger arena is not a problem.

The Thunderdome / Re: Banhammer strikes
« on: February 27, 2017, 08:39:00 PM »
Characters: Altraa, WarMachine, MineCraft
Reason: multilog in TB battle, also friendly fire during caravan runs
Ban duration: permanent
Additional notes: -

Characters: junklooter, junklooter2
Reason: fastrelog in PvP
Ban duration: permanent
Additional notes: -

Closed suggestions / Re: flamer change
« on: February 26, 2017, 10:09:02 PM »
There is no reason to do that (and I didn't find any reason in first post either).

Game Help / Re: General Questions / Answers
« on: February 22, 2017, 11:50:05 AM »
You don't need to teach us advertising because after we advertised the game for only two weeks in 2013, we had 300-450 players online after the launch and for some time. Totally out of nothing because nobody knew the game. Now we have forum with more than 10k accounts, YT channel, FB page and many people who are familiar with the game and will come back after wipe to play for short or long time.

What do you want to advertise now? An outdated game that is about to get wiped in few months?

When we have a date for new season, we will start advertising.

Btw all help with advertising will be welcome, so instead of thinking about what we can do for you, start thinking about what you can do for the game and community.

General Game Discussion / Re: web build?
« on: February 21, 2017, 04:13:01 PM »
[Can't you migrate current version to newest or update step by step? I guess you have a lot of tasks to complete but web client or android client are promising idea. It all depends how many people just develop engine, probably not many I guess.

Actually, we've tried and wasted a lot of time on it (months). It led to nowhere because after almost two years there is still no stable version. Fortunately we've decided to go back to what's working and stayed at revision 412. Current Reloaded is even older because it's based on revision 391 if I remember correctly.

Migrating large game like Reloaded (currently: ~6.5MB scripts, ~1230 dialogue files and ~600 map files) to a new version would require huge effort, and then you don't know if you won't have to deal with some breaking changes again with the newer SDK version. Totally pointless as long as there is no stable SDK version.

General Game Discussion / Re: PK and APK: Let's Clear the Air...
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:37:25 AM »
Yeah it's been a while. I'm kinda surprised that someone even talks about APK or being APK anymore. Which is actually a good thing, because everyone has his own reasons why he shoots other players and black-white approach doesn't work here very well.

General Game Discussion / Re: web build?
« on: February 20, 2017, 07:29:43 AM »
Well it looks like cvet doesn't care anymore about fixing older versions so we'll need to use other options.

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